2020 Recap. Let’s move forward to 2021

2020 has certainly earned itself a reputation for being a really horrible year ever. To boot, in just January, Kobe Bryant, a very well known NBA player, his daughter and 7 other passengers had their lives cut short in a helicopter crash. Then the ‘Trump response’ (as in, no response at all, other than to worsen the situation) to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then there were more deaths of very important people. John Lewis, the face of the Civil Rights Movement, then much loved supreme court justice, Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg), and Chadwick Boseman, who gave much people inspiration in Black Panther.

However, it’s not just the famous people that caught the attention of the world. The deaths of ordinary people, such as George Floyd and Breonna Tylor, gathered greater focus than before and shined a great light on the corruption of America’s justice system and police force. Sadly, there’s the often unreported deaths of at least 42 transgender people. I can’t list all the horrors of 2020, but you get the point. Despite all the horrors of 2020, I can’t help but notice that there have also been some great things about 2020, some of which unfortunately were preceded by said horrible events above.

The Good in 2020

Personally, I have had some great memories in 2020. I had a great 21st birthday, which is a big deal for us Americans, since it is the day that we can legally drink (finally) 3 years after legally becoming an adult (in which you can join the army and die… Lame). I also finished my 3rd year of college, and had my 3rd year with my loving boyfriend, Mike.

The highlight of 2020 has to be Trump losing. The world, and America, could not be any happier. Trump lost by a full 7.1 million votes; this just goes to show how unpopular this entity is. Trump only has 22 days remaining. The much more competent Biden Administration, full of bright people, who listen to facts and apply science, will be sure to leave 2020 in the past. COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, police reform, justice system reform, the erasing of hatred and xenophobia to immigrants (everyone in America is or was an immigrant, after all) will be America’s 2021 New Year’s Resolutions.

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  1. i cannot even put into words how much utter contempt and disgust i have for republicans.

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