A Costco Thanksgiving

I know Thanksgiving is already over, but I’m really proud of the way Mike and I have done it. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure most people don’t like the extra work in cooking on Thanksgiving day. A lot of prep, a relatively long wait, a big mess and the potency to screw up any of the food items can be taxing to anyone’s holiday. Cue in Kirkland’s Roasted Turkey Breast, alongside some Costco premade mashed potatoes, and premade turkey gravy, all of which are high quality and convenient.

Kirkland’s Turkey is most especially the star of Thanksgiving. It is absolutely delicious, moist, lean, high quality, and a good deal. At about $4 a pound (Usually $16 in total), it’s a much better option than eating out (Like at Boston Market). Sure it’s pricier per pound than buying whole raw turkey, but it’s too convenient, and on Thanksgiving, we ought to relax, eat, and chill! Alongside minimal cooking, we had paper plates, because washing dishes on a holiday is soooo boring.

Some advice

The turkey itself is salted, so if you’re watching your sodium intake, ensure you don’t buy salty (or salt your own) gravy and mashed potatoes. It’s already cooked, so you need only to warm it up, which at most takes hour in the oven (on any baking pan covered with foil with half a cup of water). Of course you can use the microwave, but microwaves (unless it is specifically a convection microwave) tend to ‘pop’ (or explode at times) the meat, often resulting in deteriorated texture. Also, Kirkland’s Turkey has usually been around everytime I’ve been at Costco, and it works great as deli slices for sandwhiches too!