All your rights are belong to us

No, the title isn’t spelled wrong. It’s a popular phrase/meme (The format being Your <whatever> are belong to us) coming from a poorly translated game (about as poorly designed as the featured image for this post). Anyways, today, I talk about Republicans, especially of the “Religious Right”, or the vast majority of Protestants and their denominations (Evangelicals especially). The hypocritical existence of these people and their desecrated ideologies have always had their eyes set on ignoring, violating, or removing the rights of other people, be it members of the LGBTQ+ community, women (reproductive rights and equal rights to men), people of different religions (or lack of), and so much more. They also border on being white supremacists themselves, via their enablement of white supremacists like Trump. Amy Barrett is the posterchild of all what is wrong with religion, descreating God/Jesus by using religious as a powerful weapon of oppression, suppression, and propaganda.

The Supreme Court Nominations: Obama and Trump

Obama’s first two nominations, Sonia Sotomayoe and Elena Kagan, were confirmed not on a very slim margin, but were 68-31, and 63-37, respectively. Trump’s first two nominations? 54-45, 50-48, and for Barrett, 52-48. These confirmations are overwhelmingly partisan. Now for Obama’s 3rd nomination; Merrick Garland. He submitted his pick on March 2016, well before the election was taking place. Unfortunately, this is during the time that Mitch McConnell became majority speaker, in which none of Obama’s nominations were considered (They had already made up their minds on February 23rd!). Meanwhile in 2020, 6 months after March, the Republican Senate had absolutely no qualms about rushing Amy Barrett onto the court, right in the midst of an election. So, Republicans thought Obama in very early 2016 shouldn’t get a justice, but Trump, very close into the elections, can get a justice? The hypocrisy burns. Even Chris Wallace of Fox News has angerly pointed out this blatant hypocrisy. Let’s vote and send hypocrisy to where it belongs, with the devil.

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