An unusual but very fitting punishment.

Ah anti maskers, the epitome of stupidity. Worse, anti maskers have no regard for human life. As such, a fitting punishment for these people should be to dig graves for victims of COVID-19.  Surprisingly, that actually has happened — in Gresik, a providence of Indonesia. I feel like just digging the grave isn’t enough, that the punishment should go further to cleaning and handling the bodies, especially those that are still sitting around in refrigerated trailers that have had to be deployed due to the massive death toll of COVID-19.

The only way that would be viable of course is to have the police actually enforce mask wearing, and for those arrested to be charged and have the only way for a sentence/fine reduction be through ‘work’ as described above. In Fresno, anti mask assaults at a Trader Joe’s had no intervention by the police whatsoever, in which Trader Joe’s had to close. If the police won’t enforce COVID-19 safety protocols, how can we expect people to follow them, especially when it is vital that everybody wear masks? One would think, “Just let these ignorant covey spreaders get sick and die”, but that has (and still would) result[ed] in too much collateral damage, as America is at 353,000 deaths 20,000,000 cases.