Bag Man (the book) by Rachel Maddow debuts December 8th

Last year, MSBNC’s Rachel Maddow rolled out an outstanding podcast detailing the very corrupt and crooked Vice President Agnew who served under Richard Nixon. She is following up that great, historically insightful podcast with a book. The book builds on the podcast and contains new information that wasn’t ready or available back then. I am a big fan of Rachel Maddow and watch her show religiously each and every weekday at 6pm. Rachel is fair, thorough, and holds court on a broad range of timely and pressing national stories that inform our citizenry with facts and context. I read her first book Drift two years ago and devoured her second title Blowout the same month it came out. Bag Man will be her third book and I recommend it without reservation on spec! Here is a clip of the synopsis…

Is it possible for a sitting vice president to direct a vast criminal enterprise within the halls of the White House? To have one of the most brazen corruption scandals in American history play out while nobody’s paying attention? And for that scandal to be all but forgotten decades later?

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