Barefoot Riesling: Fruity, smooth, and thrifty.

Barefoot riesling is a sweet white wine. It is surprisingly sweet and fruity for riesling, (which is supposed to be less sweet than a moscato) surpassing most moscatos I have sampled. The wine vibes of apple, peach, tangerines, and honey. Made in Modesto, California, and $8 for 1.5 liters, Barefoot Riesling is a sweet deal.

In my experience, this sweet white doesn’t seem to cause a wineache (headache), a side effect seemingly common in cheap and sweet wines. Just drink patiently and savor the flavor. (And do please enjoy this wine chilled! As it warms, you’ll taste bitter flavors you never knew was there).

Barefoot Riesling is a lovely wine with tasty aromas and flavors of Mandarin orange and tangerine, layered with luscious peach & juicy pear. Hints of jasmine and honey complement the sweet and refreshing finish. Barefoot Riesling is a perfect match with white cheeses, fruit, appetizers and spicy cuisine. Yummy!

Find more information about Barefoot Wineries here. You can easily find the wines at Wal-Mart. I recommend using the pickup or grocery pick-up service to minimize your chances of contracting or spreading COVID-19!