Biden inches his way to victory…

It is still early to know for sure, but as of right now, a victory for Biden seems very likely. At 264 electoral points, Biden needs 6 more points to win. Conveniently, Nevada offers 6 electoral points, with Biden leading it. Unfortunately, there’s still many things that didn’t go well. Right now, a senate majority for Dems seems unlikely, which means Biden will face what Obama faced in his last years; a stubborn senate lead by Moscow Mitch. This is sorely disappointing. Republicans have shown their true ugly colors to the entire world, especially to Americans, and yet, there’s still so many votes for these evil actors. How can Trump, someone who’s been impeached, mishandle a pandemic (9.5M cases with 236K deaths), is such a blatant liar, a bigot, berater of the military, evader of taxes and draft, far from being a religious role model for the Evangelicals attract so much support?

Trump lost the popular vote in 2016; I would think much more Americans in the following years would see him for the ugly fraud he is, but that’s not the case. Nor is it the case with the Republican party that has been willingly corrupted by Trump’s noxious presidency. Lindsey Grahm, one of the most notorious hypocrites out there, got to declare victory over his challenger, Jaime Harrison. The ugly truth is that Trumpism is not only a cancer, but both a beacon and catalyst to all the hatred and bigots in America. It’s more disgusting that with a potential Republican senate majority still, that Americans apparently are okay with the Supreme Court right now. Chocked full of conservatives (6-3), this SCOTUS has crosshairs on Obamacare, Roe v. Wade, marriage equality, and may finish what Trump has started.

But content we must be with Biden’s approach to victory. We may not expect to kill the cancer that is Trumpism and the GOP, but we can certainly slow its spread. The problem is that this will be one of the most challenging tasks in American history. Biden and his presidency alone can’t do all the fighting, but will require every Democrat, questioning Republican, and anyone with a shred of humanity. With this, much work will need to be focused eradicate hate, replace misinformation and ignorance with knowledge and truth, and ensure that in the next 4 years, that we will be ready, ready to take back senate, and vote in Biden’s successor. Everyone must be prepared to hold the Republicans accountable, more aggressively and effectively ever than before.