Biden removes ban preventing transgender people from enlisting

As of yesterday, Biden has kicked yet another one of Drumpf’s stupid policies to the curb. Now, there is one less demographic prohibited from enlisting in the military. I am going to be honest, I don’t want to enlist/serve in the military (not like I can), as do many. Yet, we still have a mandatory draft, a draft that would make people resort to some excuse to leave (such as Drumpf’s infamous bone spurs). Why then, has there been [and still are] efforts to make it unnecessarily difficult or impossible for some people [who actually want] to enlist/serve in the military?!? As Spock would say, it is illogical. The military could do with more diversity and the great potential services these individuals would bring.

Now with that out of the way, the next goal should be to undo the ban of LGBT flags on military installations. If you don’t know about that ban, it happened the same time the confederate flag was also banned. You see, the DoD/Pentagon didn’t explicitly ban the confederate flag, they just banned any other flag that isn’t the American flag, flags of U.S. states, territories, Washington D.C., and those of allies. Clearly, this decision was made to avoid flak from the Drumpf administration, but it is a serious cop out.

Mark Esper, the Defense Secretary at a time, wrote in a memo “The flags we fly must accord with the military imperatives of good order and discipline, treating all our people with dignity and respect, and rejecting divisive symbols,”. Esper please, we all know that the Confederate flag is the only real divisive symbol flown on military bases, and that the LGBT flag is the exact opposite of division. I’m sickened to think that the ban ends up comparing the LGBT flag to the Confederate flag. Hopefully, under the Biden Administration, this dumb policy too will be reversed and explicitly ban the Confederate flag.