Birds of a feather flock together

Georgia incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler posed for a selfie with former leader of the Klu Klux Klan Chester Doles. According to multiple news accounts Doles almost beat an African American male to death in 1993. He also marched in Charlottesville, North Carolina with fellow White supremacists in 2017.

This was posted on his Twitter account…

Kelly Loeffler and I. Save America, stop Socialism!

Chester Doles via Twitter

Birds of a feather usually gravitate towards each other and spend time and energy together. This is not only a psychological dynamic I believe it’s also a spiritual law. People who strive for justice and light usually gravitate towards each other. Similarly, people who strive or are full of darkness find their way to the same parties, gatherings, and organizations.

While her campaign has finally decided to deny she knew him in any way I think we have seen enough of Donald Trump and this version of the GOP over the last 4 years to be skeptical of that claim. I find the vociferous denials that are now coming out of her camp not credible at all.