Blogging for me is about voice

Someone asked me a few years ago, “Hey Mike…why are you so passionate about blogging?” I remember what my answer was then and I was reminded the other day that my answer is exactly the same! Blogging is all about finding your voice.

Our stories, our experiences, and our perspectives are so personal and so powerful for each of us individually I think we can help shape the world(s) around us. One of the ways we can all do this is when we speak about those truths. Words matter. Language choices matter. Truth matters. I have always believed that there is something profoundly healthy, socially vital, and deeply spiritual to speak to those truths.

Stephen Covey says that real leadership is about “finding your voice and then helping others to do the same.” Given my other passions for technology, communication, and gay rights blogging platforms that I have built from the ground up is where I find my voice. It is also where I can help others to find their voice too.