Bloody Mary merry making 101

I’ve never been a big fan of the Bloody Mary. Tomato juice and I have never been very close at all. Pretty distant in fact. I know I am going to jeopardize my gay card with this admission but I didn’t even know the Bloody Mary was a vodka based drink until last year. I don’t know if that makes me a bad gay or just not a fan of tomato juice. Lol. I did find this on a clearance rack somewhere and pulled the trigger. In part because it had Siracha in it, and mostly because Ronan really likes tomato juice.

If you ever have a chance to try this please do. Powell & Mahoney craft cocktail mixers and their Sriracha Bloody Mary mix with Cayenne Pepper and other savory spices gets a double thumbs up from me. It’s hard to find genuinely spicy food or drink because “spicy” in the marketplace usually just means “white people” spicy otherwise people with money wouldn’t buy it. Haha. Our first round was with vodka, just like the recipe calls for, but we didn’t have any more vodka on hand so we were stuck. I promptly asked Google what might be some good substitutes in a Bloody Mary and low and behold gin and tequila made the little list of 8 that came up.

The Bloody Mary with tequila is called a Bloody Maria…emphasis on the Mexican pronunciation of Maria. A Bloody Mary with gin is called a Red Snapper. If you are using Powerll & Manhoney Sriracha Mix then I guess it’s more accurately called a Spicy Red Snapper. I generally don’t ever get enough gin in my life so I think I might actually give the nod to the Red Snapper over the traditional Bloody Mary. Throw in some Latin heat and spices and you got a great Sunday afternoon drink!

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