Breaking: Trump Supporters [illegally] storm the Capitol Building

As of this morning (an hour or two ago), Trump supporters have somehow managed to storm the Capitol Building. Bear in mind that in terms of security, it is quite similar to the White House, so it is supposed to be practically impossible for such an event to happen. I’ve been to Washington DC myself a few years ago, and I too can state that random people really aren’t supposed to be in such close proximity to such a vital function of our government. How did this start? Trump himself (of course) encouraged his sheeple to storm the building. After Capitol Hill got placed on lockdown, Trump is now telling his supporters to calm down (More like “stand by”), not like that means anything.

Stupidity is a very strong coalescing factor for Trump supporters.

How the sheeple managed to accomplish of all of this is currently unknown, though it shows a huge failure on the entities that are supposed to secure the capital building. Seeing as to how these are Trump supporters, they are of course not being handled as they should be; would they be anyone else (as unlikely as that would ever be, because everyone else aren’t stupid enough to do this), the police and military (National Guard) would move just as quickly as Mitch McConnell did when confirming Amy Barrett for Supreme Court Justice (link is to an image). This incident will continue to get crazier, and just proves how Devilishly evil Trumpism is.

A picture I took of the Capital Building last summer.

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  1. If this mob was full black and brown people they would have been shot on site. The scene would have been body bags with Republicans and conservatives pounding their chests on national television. Instead we got images of Capitol police taking selfies with the perpetrators.

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