BUDDY – A Netherland short gay film

Warning, spoilers ahead! Buddy, as described in the plot of the video description, is about two former boyfriends. One of these boyfriends have visited a health clinic, apparently to see the status of their HIV test. The other came for emotional support, because well, that’s just how HIV is. In case it wasn’t made clear they are exes, their initial scene together where one smoked and offered, in which the other clearly states that he quit smoking. This indicates that they both smoked as boyfriends, but one has moved on (separated). Then there’s a scene in the clinic that focuses on one of the boyfriend’s hands, in which hand holding is anticipated, but disappointgly, doesn’t happen. It isn’t until both are met by a doctor that it’s verbally stated that they are indeed exes.

Nevertheless, even though they are former boyfriends, there are visible expressions that reveal how much they seem to miss each other; as if both were remnants of a good time long past. The non smoker’s feelings for his ex shows through further; he took the tram rather than his bike to meet up with his ex (taking a bike would probably be less “intimate”). Although he may vibe as being too clingy, especially to the past, I personally think it just shows how meaningful past relationships can be, and showing the rare process of evolving to be more than just exes (and how meaningful friends may come out of afterwards).