Bye Don

This will pretty much be the last time I ever mention Trump, and will instead refer to him as Drumpf (Which I find a better alternative to He who must not be named), and for very good reason. Everyone must stop breathing life into this attention whore, or as the internet would colloquially put it, Stop feeding the troll.


So, Twitter indefinitely banned Trump’s account, alongside several other actions. Yes, this ban is very overdue, but even so, it is easily the most important ban. It started a powder keg chain reaction that led to others to follow suit.

Google, Amazon, and Apple

All of the above don’t really have a social media platform, though they do have very large app stores. Parler, which is just Conservatard Twitter, was removed from Google, Amazon, iOS (in about that order. iOS was last, as they gave Parler 24 hours to comply to a suggestion to employ moderation.)


YouTube is owned by Google, so following the Parler ban, I’m not surprised they’re finally taking action. They are handing out strikes and removing videos that spread misinformation and encourage violence (They have claimed that they remove thousands of videos)


This is has to be worth 24 karat gold. To those who don’t know, Tik Tok has been in Trump’s crosshairs since August. He has attempted to ban TikTok, instead, TikTok banned Trump. Videos containing Trump’s speech that sparked the Capitol Riot, and hashtags utilized by Trump supporters.


They have removed/limited Trump related images, particularly those with the hashtags stop the steal and whatever garbage hashtags Trump supporters use.


Removed Trump merchandise, specifically 2 online stores officially associated with Trump.


Banned the server “The Donald”. I would expect other related servers to be banned as well.


Removed the subreddit r/DonaldTrump. I would expect other related subreddits to be removed or heavily moderated as well, if not already.

Facebook & Instagram

These are not all the social media accounts to take action. A comprehensive list can be found here.