Caitlyn Jenner is a joke

In another stunning display of stupidity and obnoxious white privilege, wannabe trans leader Caitlyn Jenner showed everybody what an utter joke she is. Remember now, she is running for California governor trying to unseat our current fearless leader Gavin Newsom. What a complete and utter joke she has become. It’s really sad.

I knew a very wise man who used to say, “Better to be quiet and be thought a fool rather than opening your trap and removing all doubt!” Caitlyn Jenner would be well advised to never do another interview…ever….again. Lol. Queerty did a great job covering her interview today with a state political news organization and the topic of homelessness came up. Caitlyn did not disappoint. She thinks we should “round up all homeless people and dump them out in a big field somewhere.” She also thinks that homeless people drive up crime and that it’s mostly homeless on homeless crime that mucks everything up. What a complete idiot!

On a second thought. Keep it coming ghurlfriend! Keep talking. Keep interviewing and by all means keep talking about your grand and solid ideas about how to run a state. There are so many reasons to dismiss this doofus but I’ll be brief. She lacks any real world experience running a multibillion dollar enterprise, she’s belongs to a party that consistently opposes gay rights, and she’s a Trump supporter even though she’s on record stating he was the worst president in history on LGBTQ+ issues. Really? You have to be a special kind of stupid if she thinks she has a snowball’s chance in hell at getting elected leader of the Golden State.