Carolans Irish Cream Whiskey review

So for Christmas, Mike and I got a very tasty gift from an aunt: Irish Cream liqueur. We already have had experience with Kirkland’s Irish Cream, so this gift would be yield a similar yet new experience for us both. The gifted Irish Cream would be slightly stronger at 17% ABV proof compared to Kirkland’s 14%. Despite that, the Carolans tastes more mellow and smooth, being more sippable than the Kirkland, and quite similar to an (alcoholic) eggnog in that it can be enjoyed straight and is sweet and subtle.

This may come from the honey and a supposed blend of mellow Irish spirits. All the beverages I mentioned go great in coffee, since they are quite creamy (not for people sensitive to dairy!), and though they are liqueurs, they’re light enough to not inflict a buzz, so long as you limit yourself to a shot or a half per cup of coffee.