Chasing Coral: Thoughts and review.

Chasing Coral is a Netflix original documentary that is in Dolby Vision (HDR on steroids). It was debuted in 2017. Despite being 3 years old, it is extremely relevant to what has and still is happening to our planet — climate change (or global warming). As a film, it is very informative, easy to understand (relatable), and really high quality (that dolby vision is no joke). Specifically, Chasing Coral brings great attention (and a lot of information) to the global destruction of coral reefs. Coral reefs are extremely important ecosystems on which almost all of life depends on; which obviously includes humans. They are almost the underwater equliavent of rainforests, in which there is much biodiversity and resources. It is said that there are over a million of species in coral reef environments, and that one billion people depend on it for the services it provides (such as food), which is worth $172 billion annually.

Unfortunately, 27% of our reefs have already been lost; another 32% is expected to be lost within 32 years if nothing is done. I am saddened at the sheer stupidity of people (mostly Republicans) that try and justify the havoc humans have wreaked on Earth. Speaking of Republicans, they are usually against regulations that help protect the environment, saying that the econonmy matters more. That’s ridiculous; how is protecting human lives and Earthly resources not profittable? I guess because it’s too easy to only care about yourself and to just not care about other people. If only they knew that we all share the same planet; our one and only home. If they only they knew that their world is more than just their private jets, multiple homes, a large swimming pool, their trustfund children, and corporations that exploit both people and the environment with their shit wages and endless pollution.

Another way they justify our pollution is to say our impact is too small or doesn’t matter. I mean, what’s a few degrees matter anyway? If your body temperature went from 98.6 F to 104.6 F, it would be an emergency. So why would it be any different for the environment, specifically coral? We seem to not realize that life on Earth is a house of cards. Corals, once they experience higher than usual temperatures (just by a few centigrade), start to bleach. Bleaching isn’t death for coral, yet. If the temperatures don’t get any better for them, then they start to really die. What isn’t seemingly acknolwedged by many is that the oceans store up to 90% of the heat Earth recieves; meaning additional heat caused by human activities immediately impact the sea. What’s scary is that that’s just temperature alone; there are way more factors that coral and sealife must deal with.

Sedimentation, more storms, more runoff of polluted water and sediment, more temperature variances, and more acidic oceans? Give the coral a break!