Chick-fil-A surrenders?

So, recently Chick-Fil-A has finally responded to their increasingly growing critism of being homophobes. Other than their flawed religious beliefs, they donate to “charities” that do their dirty work and keep their image flawless to the ignorant chicken burger eater. So, what did they do? They stopped donating to several charities, especially the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, who have had an anti-LGBT record. However, that of course doesn’t exonerate them of being anti-LGBT. Only time will tell. To put some existing doubts into the air, Chick-fil-A has stopped giving donations to several organizations without any particular anti-lgbt history. They’ve also clarified that they’re changing their charity donation stragety in order to better combat “hunger, homelessness, and education”, so that doesn’t necessarily rule out anti-LGBT groups.

If there’s one thing that’s quite entertaining about this move, it’s all the conservatives getting very, very, emotional. Mike Homaphobee has already stated “…Today, Chick-fil-A betrayed local customers for $$. I regret believing they would stay true to convictions of founder Truett Cathy. Sad.” Do you know anyone who would betray their customers, friends, and country for $$? We do, and Huckabee has no place to say that consdering the plethora of treasonous acts the GOP has committed (Michael Flynn who uh, wanted to send a US citizen to Turkey for some side cash? Quid pro quo? Or how corporations betray Americans all the time?).

Maybe one day, I can “eat sum chikn”. Here’s cheers to pissing off conservatives, because that’s at least a sign you’re doing something right.

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