China and Russia have devolved dramatically

Both of these authoritative countries have joined the likes of degenerate governments seen in Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Indonesia (and the list goes on). Its perturbing that all these countries have used the chaos of COVID-19 to further their attack of LGBTQ+ rights; after all, most LGBTQ pride events have been canceled, which dramatically reduces our presence, as well as government power being exploited during the pandemic to sideline all LGBTQ issues.

China has significantly devolved just this past year alone. Their draconian new rules on video games, in my opinion, revealed just how much they want to eliminate LGBTQ presence. Their excuse was that any LGBTQ+ presence, including from other sources (media and literature), made men weak, and weakened China’s military. Following that statement, it’s no surprise China is doing its best to shutdown LGBTQ organizations. I’m totally certain it’ll make men proud to serve the Chinese military!

As for Russia, it has always been hostile to the LGBTQ+ community, no surprise there. But, Russia has just convincted somebody of “pro-gay propaganda”. Is Putin stuck in the 20th century? Worse yet, this person they’ve convicted is 16. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t appointed a lawyer (a LGBTQ activist group decided to represent him, thankfully. Can’t imagine a lawyer appointed by the Russia government being any good). So what did the 16 year old do anyway? He posted pictures of shirtless men. Russian citizens can be assured the police are protecting them, LOL.