Corona virus watch

COVID-19 has taken the scientific community by surprise once again, and not remotely in a good way. We now know that people, even after they are no longer infected by COVID-19, their symptons persist far longer than two weeks; up to a few months. Fortunately (kind of), these symptons are not severe enough to warrant staying in a hospital. Unfortunately, they are still a nuisance that negatively impacts quality of life.

It’s nothing like the flu. I thought having the flu symptoms (fatigue, muscle aches, dulled senses for me) for 2 weeks after recovery was torture; but to have these similar symptoms months after the fact is hell on Earth. COVID-19 has also been known to induce delirium in 1/3 of hospitalized cases. Combined with fears of the pandemic, facing a completely mysterious virus, and the uncertainty of your outcome, COVID-19 is just as deadly psychologically as it is physiologically. All these varirables only make COVID-19 much more difficult to understand and treat, as everyone has their own unique “response” to the infection and the symptoms, so is their response to treatment.

COVID-19 patients can experience delirium that is almost like as if they were tormented by a demon.

Here’s some statistics regarding COVID-19, and comparing the USA to the rest of the world, using the most up to date information. We currently have 2.29M cases; with an surge of 30k new cases just yesterday yesterday. With this current data, the US, home to only 4% of the world’s population, makes up 26% of all known cases. Totals deaths for COVID-19 for US is around 121K, with 682 deaths since yesterday. The US takes up 26% of COVID-19 deaths when compared to the rest of the world (461K deaths). The numbers don’t get better for us; despite having 26% of the world’s cases, we only have 16% of total recovered cases. Also, only 30% of COVID-19 cases have had people recover, versus 49% for the rest of the world.

It surely does not help that asymptomatic COVID-19 cases are 80% of all known cases. This makes reducing the spread all the more difficult, especially when paired with an incompetant administration, the “reopening” of the US, and that some states have opted to no longer share their statistics or are undercounting the cases.