Coronavirus watch

There are more than 30 million confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide, and things aren’t looking so good around the globe. Israel has returned to a full lockdown, India is on track to pass the U.S. as the most infected country in the world, and several European nations are implementing new coronavirus-related restrictions. A ban on social gatherings of more than six people went into effect for England this week. In Spain, a line of tents were put up at the gates of a Madrid military hospital ahead of a second wave expected there. And in Italy, the Sicilian town of Corleone, made famous by the fictional Mafia clan in “The Godfather,” has ordered schools closed and a limited lockdown.

Today’s numbers: New case records were set in Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming, and record numbers of deaths were reported in Kansas, North Dakota and Puerto Rico, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Johns Hopkins data. The U.S. has reported more than 6.6 million cases and 197,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Globally, there have been more than 30 million cases and 947,000 fatalities.