Crazy Republican killed her dog and a goat, then bragged about it

Normally when somebody kills their dog, it’s either because the dog was suffering, or you’re a cruel and heartless person. The latter is what Kristi Noem, Republican governor of South Dakota did. But instead of her dog’s death being something that surfaced out of scandal, it’s something she actually brags about in a book she’s writing. Not only that, but she writes about killing her own goat a well.

Don’t forget about the goat!

You can’t make this shit up. What’s revolting is she thinks this builds up her character; killing your own pet is hardly something any rational human being would deem honorable, nor include in a book where you can cherry pick the best parts about you. She is clearly not a great writer, or a good farmer (she’s just about as good a farmer as former Representative Devin Nunes).