Daft Punk says goodbye via video

After 28 years the electronic dynamite due Daft Punk have decided to retire. They made their announcement via a YouTube video entitled, “Epilogue” on Monday.

Daft Punk has been a solid staple in electronic, house, and club music for almost three decades. The very first time I heard them was in a gay club and it was “One More Time.” Here is the official video:

The thing I have always like about Daft Punk is the balance they struck between traditional hard core house music (that has no lyrics…which I hate) and traditional club dance songs. Call me crazy but I like my dance music to have some lyrical language.

Honorable mentions for me? That would have to be (1) Around The World, (2) Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and (3) Get Lucky with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rogers.