Democratic National Convention goes virtual: Night 1

The Democratic National Convention kicked off last night and I have to be honest with you: It was AWESOME. I was a little nervous about the whole affair because no convention had ever had to do it like this before but because of COVID-19. I thought the night was an absolute success and I was very proud to be a Democrat all the way through the night’s programming. In case you missed it, here is the broadcast in full from my favorite cable news channel: MSNBC!

I really, really loved the introduction of children and young teens singing in their own cam spaces and being spliced in to one patriotic grid. It was original, it was diverse, and it was very powerful and effective. This election will have ramifications for every child in this country for years to come. It was a great concept and very well executed. For those of you who don’t know, this was also a historic convention on the front of having big name Republicans actually materially participating in a Democratic convention. I thought they were effective, sincere, and spoke volumes towards the case of making The Donald a one-term disaster in lieu of a two-term calamity. Of course, Michelle Obama stole the show with her passionate keynote address and hopefully as we look back on it proves to be the first nail in the coffin of the Trump reign of terror.

Next up tomorrow night: Former second lady Dr. Jill Biden!