Derek Chauvin and his trophy kill

The trial of Derek Chauvin, the former law enforcement official chiefly responsible for the death of George Floyd, began on March 8th. There is so much to discuss and consider and mourn over it can be overwhelming. I’m not able to listen or watch the trial during the day because of work but I do keep tabs on the daily news coverage in the evenings. There is one thing that keeps bothering me and laying heavy on my heart and soul. I’m going to write about that in this post but I want to warn you it will be hard to hear and not for the faint of heart.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then the image below speaks volumes to me about this particular individual and others like him.

Law enforcement killing another Black man with hands nonchalantly in his pocket.

The image of Derek Chauvin, acting in his official duty as a law enforcement officer, kneeling on the neck of Georg Floyd for over 9 minutes and thereby killing him has touched a nerve in the consciousness of the nation…again. What troubles me most is the cavalier pose and seemingly proud posture of Mr. Chauvin. I may be alone in saying this but it reminds of the big game hunters who pose for the money shot photo standing over their prey to hang on a wall or post to social media or impress coworkers back at the office. He is so relaxed that has his sunglasses propped up on his head so they don’t fall off and scratch the lens. You can almost see a wry, almost hint, of a smirk or a smile on his lips and gleam of pride in his eyes. His hands casually resting in his pockets smacks to me of “just another day at the (white supremacy) office” turns my stomach.

This was not a legitimate arrest, this was not a genuine police action, this was a trophy kill by a racist animal in sheep’s clothing. He took pride in his work and would not, or could not, see the unarmed Black man he was lording over. His cotton plantation spirit could only perceive a less than fully human prey that he needed to subdue and conquer. These KKK wannabes need to be exposed and weeded out, not just of law enforcement, but of society. I hope that begins anew with the sacrifice George Floyd ultimately made at the hands of his killer.