Disclosure: Netflix original film and trans documentary

Netflix’s disclosure gives an in depth perspective of the trans community, especially as to how they are presented in the media and film. As someone who isn’t trans, I have obviously cannot fully relate or validate their talking points, but nevertheless, I can also obviousy empathize with them.

Trans people, exclusively as a character in film are a rarity, and when they are presented, there are but few courses of action that are taken. 1) The trans element is used comedic purposes. Behind the humor, people can easily stereotype trans people as funny people that just wear clothes of the opposite sex. 2) As people that are mentally unstable; might be a serial killer (A specific CSI episode.. Or an ‘80s horror film Sleepaway Camp). 3) They are perverted tricksters. Upon being “discovered”, the other characters are usually disgusted and may vomit excessively (Garbage man Jim Carrie’ s Ace Ventura)

In complement to the latter sentence, it is almost as if the films of that like are suggesting it is okay to out people, since being trans is apparently some grand conspiracy to trick people into thinking you’re the opposite sex. AND that it is just as simple as wearing makeup and putting on women apparel. Films further worsen trans representation by having straight, white cis actors playing trans characters. This can negatively perceive to audiences that being trans is just something anyone can do; by simply wearing clothes of the opposite sex. Most of this negativity is directed at male-to-female trans people; the negative stigma for female-to-male trans people have other challenges. There’s even more complexity when the trans person is also a person of color.

Here is the trailer…