Downton Abbey hits the big screen Friday, September 20th

This is one movie I have had on my calendar for a while now. I was so excited when this movie was announced last year. I actually went back and re-watched all the PBS television seasons, in order of course, to prep myself for this theatrical installment. If you haven’t seen the official trailer yet please do so below. This movie takes places about two years after the series finale on PBS.

I’m very impressed and glad that they were able to bring back so many original actors and characters. I think that will only bolster the authenticity of these next few chapters of the Downton Saga. Obviously, I am extremely curious to see what they do with closeted-gay butler Thomas. If you’ll notice in the trailer there is a snippet of a scene of Thomas dancing with another hot guy. I really hope they do something substantive with it!

Mark your calendars: Friday, September 20th!