Erase the hate, Matthew Shepard.

It has been exactly 22 years ago since Matthew Shepard has passed away at a hospital in Colorado. He succumbed from cruel wounds inflicted by hateful men, left to die, and tied to a fence, left in a freezing Wyoming night. Matthew Shepard’s parents Judy and Dennis, have had to embody their son’s potential legacy as a civil rights activist, as they fight today tirelessly to erase hate. Judy and Dennis have previously appeared on TV to represent Wyoming, and have appeared again just yesterday. Judy Shepard directs a message to Amy Barrett, another Trump SCOTUS pick, who is anti-LGBTQ+ (alongside anti-abortion and countless other typical Trumpite characteristics).

Matt was an out and proud gay man. Matt was wickedly funny, witty and observant. Matt was passionate about civil rights and actively fought for equality and the acceptance of all people. And Matt is still here with us today.

Judy and Dennis believed wholeheartedly that the hatred that sparked our formation would have been confronted, invalidated, and silenced long before now. Yet, more than two decades later, here we are. The Matthew Shepard Foundation is more necessary than ever before – more necessary than we could have ever imagined – indeed, feared.

From a Matthew Shepard Foundation email.

Only with our vote this upcoming 2020 can we move further to erase hatred more, as the man who somehow got elected in office just four years ago has managed to draw more hatred.