Execute Order 66

What is Order 66? It is an order identifying the Jedi as traitors to the Republic in Star Wars. However, in this context, Order 66 is not an order from some evil sith lord, but from elected officials the public has clearly voted for. Order 66 here is to hold the Republicans accountable for their treachery, bigotry, and attempts to not just destabilize America, but the world at large due, especially since America is the oldest Republic Democracy (and a beacon of freedom).

I’ve had it in my mind to try and make a meme out of Pelosi executing order 66, but I just couldn’t envision what it would look like until today, and even so, I’m not as pleased with what I came up with. I’m just hoping that my attempts to be creative will eventually strike me like a bolt of lightning; until then, I’ll just be here ‘shitposting’.