Experts say it is too late to mail your ballot: Drop it off in person instead

We have passed a very important milestone in our 2020 election season. Experts from all over the country are advising voters not to risk mailing their ballot now. With all of the damage that The Donald and his administration has done hoping to derail the timely processing of mail some states are seeing a less than half of mail in general being delivered on time. This could have several ramifications in many different states that harm the integrity of the election. But this has always been their plan.

If you still have a ballot, then you need to fill it out, and instead of dropping it in the mail you need to hand deliver it. Drop off the ballot to your local county clerk or find an OFFICIAL drop off ballot box. There should be several in your city or county. Beware of the fake boxes that some Republican Parties are putting out in hopes of “harvesting” votes. They are liar and cheaters and we have to be smarter than they are. Google your local county clerk office and drop off your ballot in person, or look up where your official drop off boxes are located and leave it there.

This is the most important election in the short history of our country and the stakes could not be higher. Lives will literally hang in the balance. So make your voice heard and VOTE. We need to rebuke and reject the cancer that is Trumpism and white supremacy and take our country back.