FDA Relaxes Restrictions on gay men donating blood, but why is it there in the first place?

As of recently, the FDA has relaxed restrictions on homosexuals (primarily men) donating blood. However, they’re not much different. It changes the 1 year period of not being able to donate blood after having sex with the same sex to 3 months. These restrictions are just downright homophobic and aren’t based on science. Anyways, here are all the flaws with the policy. 1) There is no way for the restrictions to actually analyze your sexuality. 2) It makes the ludicruous assumption that any sex you have is risky. 3) It fails to include heterosexuals, who are totally as likely to have “risky” sex. 4) Other groups of people who would statiscally be just as or more likely to have HIV include heterosexual African Americans, who are not excluded from donating blood.

If the restrictions were truly based on stats and facts, homosexuals wouldn’t be the only targeted group. However, I just don’t think any of these restrictions should exist. Blood is always tested and verified to be safe; you can;t get HIV from blood anymore. These unfounded fears stem from the 1980, when you could get HIV from blood because no one knew what it was. At least, if they remain, it should be reviewed so that anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, be questioned about their sexual activity and risks. It’s worth noting that America isn’t alone in these ridiculous, outdated policies. Britain too, shares these restrictions. Here is a list of countries that place restrictions on gay or lesbian blood donation. Nevertheless, the restrictions don’t actually stop you from donating blood; if you can bite the bullet and not get humiliated by the questionaire asking if you’re gay or not.