GOP: Grand ol’ Putin

Everyone knows Trump, alongside his horsemen of the apocalypse are just plain out evil. Trump speaks highly of (and never against) his favorite dictator, Putin. One of Putin’s worst known offense against the USA has to be the recently discovered Russian Bounty Program, in which rewards are granted to terrorists (Taliban) for killing Americans and their allies in Afghanistan. Despite this, the once “proud”, “patriotic”, and “glorious” Republican party has done everything in its power to enable Trump’s collaboration with all things the GOP supposedly stood against. Lindsey Graham has to be one the earliest known Republican voices against Trump, yet, so soon after, he was quick to lick Trump‘s small hands.

The GOP today is now exactly one of the things Jesus actively fought— Hypocrisy. It’s so sickening to see Republicans so quick to contradict themselves virtually every minute, yet somehow “bible thumping Christians” back a party that are so obviously the Pharisees and sadducees. The video above is but only a glimpse, but even as just a glimpse, it is enough to show that the GOP and mainstream Republicans are nothing but complicit to evil.

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