Governor Newsom signs SB 145

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill, SB 145, that was just approved by state legislation a week ago. SB 145 is the brainchild of the prominent LGBTQ+ Senator Scott Wiener (D-CA). SB 145 fixes unfair treatment of LGBTQ+ couples. Under California law, if an adult (18; 10 years maximum within the age of the minor) and a minor (14-17) have consensual sex, the judge can decide if the adult convicted with having sexual relations with a minor would have to register as a sex offender. However, this would only apply to heterosexuals in terms of “penile-vaginal” intercourse, automatically forcing LGBTQ+ individuals to register as a sex offender.

SB 145 removes that limitation, now extending a judge’s discretion to LGBTQ+ people. Other than that signing this bill is a win for equality, it passing in spite of massive far-right smears is another win. Unfortunately, Senator Scott Wiener has been under attack from the right. This ranges to your “typical” death threats to the more serious, as his was address leaked from QAnon (an ultra radical right pro-Trump conspiracy chamber). Republicans have gone as far to label California Democrats as pedophiles. Republicans as ever, have disregard for fairness, equality, science, and logic; since SB 145 only extends rights that were exclusive to heterosexuals. As ever, love and equality will not bow down to bigotry and ignorance.