Happy Pride Month

Today is finally June, and we all know what that means: Rainbows everywhere, festivities (safely), and LGBTQ+ Pride. Various websites, apps, and companies associated with them often display flashy rainbow colors somewhere. For example, Googling Pride will wield a festive animation, with a Wikipedia card on the side displaying a pulsating pride heart. It has been forever since we had a President that cares about Pride too. Biden officially recognizes June as Pride Month. It’s a little sad that the last time a president/administration acknowledged pride was with Obama, when the light house was lit rainbow after marriage equality.

Despite America’s accomplishments (excluding Republican states) in COVID-19 vaccinations and reducing COVID-19’s presence, June may not see any normal pride parades or events. Luckily, not all pride parades/events happen in the summer, with some going as late as fall. And well, many of us should be more familiar with livestreams and virtual events, making Pride bigger and better than last year.

Featured image credit: Tanushree Rao on Unsplash