Have your pie and drink it too. Piehole whiskey review.

Piehole is a Canadian whiskey distillery. They produce 3 pie flavored whiskeys: Cherry pie, pecan pie, and apple pie. As seen in the cover photo, we have 2 of the flavors: Apple and pecan pie. The apple pie flavor goes well with almost anything, such as Coke Zero, apple juice, and definitely with a cup of hot apple cider. The pecan pie flavor is nutty and has hints maple syrup to it as well. This makes it ideal as a breakfast whiskey to go in coffee (similar to hazel nut creamer) alongside a plate pancakes doused in maple syrup. The pecan pie also synergizes well with Coke Zero, which already has a mellow taste. Now I am just curious about the cherry pie flavor. I imagine it will go great with Coke Zero too.

All 3 flavors of Piehole. The flavor I have yet to try is the cherry pie.