Herman Cain dies from COVID-19

In a surprising, yet predictable turn of events, Herman Cain, a very infamous and fierce Trump supporter, who deemed COVID-19 masks as useless, has died from COVID-19. Speak of reaping what you sow; play a stupid game, get a stupid prize. No, I’m not gleeful about his death, it’s just that he got what he was asking for, unfortunately. It’s also very difficult to say anything respectable about him, especially since only a few days before he died, he was still obviously blind to Trump’s stupidity. Not just a few days ago before his death, he tweeted that Pelosi is “incoherent” (Seriously? Like you can even pretend to understand Trump’s 24/7 word vomits). Even with his death, it’s still not enough to Trump Republicans to actually take COVID-19 seriously. Trump even claimed that Cain totally did not catch COVID-19, at least from his death trap Tulsa rally.