House Wine Red Blend and Grapefruit Spritz review

Whilst shopping around at Costco, we noticed a cute Holiday Wine 12 Pack. It’s not local to California, but close enough in the State of Washington, and was at a discount (afterall X-Mas is over) There are a total of 12 cans and 6 different varieties. Each can is exactly 375 ML, which is half a bottle of wine. In case you missed it, these wines are canned. That’s a little unusual, but it does have its practicalities. The canned format allows for the pack to be much lighter (glass bottles are quite heavy), and much easier to consume (no glasses or cork required), and faster to chill (thin metal cans over thick glass).

The one downside of canned wine is that if you’re drinking straight from the can, you will eventually get a whiff or taste of Oct-1-en-3-one, the chemical responsible for the characteristic taste or smell when making physical contact with metal. Coincidentally, that chemical is similar in makeup to 1-Octen-3-ol, whose presence in wine is attributed to bad/spoiled wine. Luckily, it’s a very minor nuisance, and more likely to be noticeable when drinking the red wine, as it is normally served at warmer temperatures (cooler temperatures make it unlikely you’ll ever notice minor impurities). Anyways, onwards to the wine.

Red Blend

The red wine blend is a very diverse blend of reds. On the ‘weird’ side, it has an earthy aura (if you could taste the smell of fresh soil), liquified smoke flavor, black pepper, and coffee. On the more traditional side, it has traits of stone fruit (plum and peaches), and they dominate the overall smell of the wine.

Grapefruit Spritz

A type of wine I’ve never had is the Grapefruit Spritz. It’s conceptually similar to a Sangria, since that is a blend of wine and fruit juices. The grapefruit spritzer is also reminiscent of a slightly sweet hard grapefruit seltzer. The base is that of dry white wines, which I think to be Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, or a Sauvignon blanc. They have to me an indescribable aura of the ocean/sea, and they are typically paired with seafood. The splash grapefruit helps to make the beverage more palatable to those who like their wines sweet[er], and to me, I think is a perfect balance of dry and sweet. If anything, it reminds me of a pink pinot grigio