Howler Head Monkey Spirit: Bananas Gone Crazy!

The liquor store by my place is really good and always has tons of spirits and new wines from companies and brands I have never heard of before. There were some $1 shot bottles in a big bucket at the check out and the thrifty shopper in me got to checking out the selection. I discovered Howler Head for the very first time and grab a handful of the bottles. Howler Head Monkey Spirit is a banana flavored Kentucky bourbon whiskey that is made to drink straight . I actually had it with some Coke Zero and it was delicious!!! I love the tag line on the bottom too: Bananas Gone Crazy!

This Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with natural banana flavor is 80 proof, comes in a 750 ML bottle and guaranteed to not contain any apes! If you’d like to read more about this great monkey spirit you can after the jump.