Interrupter in Chief

What a shit show that was huh? The Donald squared off last night against former V.P. and Democratic nominee Joe Biden in an epic display of crassness and lies and complete disrespect for the highest office in the land and our young democracy. I had to divert my eyes and my attention during the last 45 minutes of the 90 minute train wreck because I was just furious. Donald Trump was rude, disrespectful, and at several points just plain delusional. This man is the worst president in our history and I wonder just how many times he has to show us before we just start to tune him out.

Some will say that last night was indicative of the state of degradation U.S. politics has fallen to but I don’t think that is accurate at all. This was not presidential politics as usual. This is presidential politics in the Trump era. This is not Republicans and Democrats wrangling in the mud and embarrassing our country for the world to see. I thought Joe Biden did his best to highlight the differences between him and his opponent and tried even harder to speak to the country about pressing issues we are facing as a country. The Donald, in his usual egotistical and ugly manner, interrupted and talked over Joe Biden and simply disregarded the rules his campaign agreed to and brushed off the moderator time and time again. It was a stunning display of ineptness, crassness, and complete disrespect of the executive branch.

We have to pay attention to the strategy here. The Donald and his cronies want to muck up, soil, and muddy the waters so much and so often that it actually turns off Americans to the whole idea of politics in general. This is a conscious and planned effort to throw as many flies into the ointment of democracy and spirited debate. The end result being a stench and stink that repels undecided and untapped voters in November. Democrats always win when there is increased voter turnout and a high level of engagement and activism. Republicans do better when citizens are apathetic and don’t vote because it turns their meager minority into a block of votes that can win elections. I really don’t understand how anyone can be an “undecided” voter at this point. We have seen enough of the lies and the bullying and the corruption and the vile nature and character of this charlatan.

We have to stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel: Tuesday, November 3rd.