It’s official: Biden secures Democratic nomination

This is hot off the press! From Time magazine online: Joe Biden has formally clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, setting him up for a bruising challenge to President Donald Trump that will play out against the unprecedented backdrop of a pandemic, economic collapse and civil unrest.

“It was an honor to compete alongside one of the most talented groups of candidates the Democratic party has ever fielded,” Biden said in a statement Friday night, ”and I am proud to say that we are going into this general election a united party.”

The former vice president has effectively been his party’s leader since his last challenger in the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders, ended his campaign in April. But Biden pulled together the 1,991 delegates needed to become the nominee Friday after seven states and the District of Columbia held presidential primaries Tuesday.

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While this seemed to be pretty evident after Joe Biden and his campaign absolutely blew up in South Carolina it’s an important benchmark. It’s official. No more strategizing or competing or jockeying for position. It’s time to focus on the White House and the race to be won in November. I’ve went on record with his before in previous postings but I want to make an important note. Biden already committed long ago to picking a woman as his VP. This was not only smart but it was the right decision. I have been adamant that this pick needed to be a woman of color. Sending an all white ticket to the polls would not only be bad optics but it would signal a tone deafness for the age and time that we are in.

I now absolutely believe that Biden’s VP picks should and must be an African American women. Let’s not forget that it was South Carolina and the Black vote in the south in general that breathed new life into a campaign that was beginning to seriously stall up until that time. With the rash of continued police brutality and the loss of Black men shot at the hands of police. From Ahmaud Abrery to George Floyd to Black Lives Matter to weeks of nationwide protesting I am convinced that we need a Black VP candidate on the ticket. This would bookend nicely with Joe Biden’s years and years of effective public service and blue collar whiteness. A strong, accomplished, and credible African American woman on the ticket would all but guarantee success in November.

And that’s all that matters for Joe Biden and us Democrats. Period.