Kansas commission expands on LGBTQ nondiscrimination

The Kansas commission that enforces nondiscrimination in the state will now be hearing claims from people who are being mistreated because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Of course, a recent and surprising SCOTUS ruling now protects employed LGBTQ people in regards to discrimination. However, the Kansas commission goes further, offering protections in housing and public accommodations, such as retail stores and schools.

Any business in the state with four or more employees will be covered; while the Supreme Court ruling only affects businesses with at least 15 employees. Meanwhile, let’s not forget about their local Conservatives (Family Policy Alliance of Kansas), who apparently dislike equality and fairness. The power to which they refer, which I assume to be “the power to hate”, just shows how much we ought to vote these crazy people out of office, and especially in November. (Source: WIBW)

Take a look at a response below to see the FPA get hammered.