Kimberly Guilfoyle

Who is Kimberly Guilfoyle? She is quite the character. She has had two divorces, the first starting with California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom (which occured on 2006, the same time Guilfoyle began her work on Fox News), and is now in a relationship with Donald Trump Junior. Since the RNC, Guilfoyle’s infamy has increased, after she delivered a speech (in which Trump labeled as the “best” he’s ever heard. A complement from Trump isn’t exactly a good thing), becoming the literal personification of ALL CAPS. However, her infamy doesn’t seem to give her the kind of attention she was looking for, instead becoming the subject of various parodies and memes. Below is a cornupica of these memes and parodies.

Here’s Guilfoyle’s actual speech. A top comment of this video reads: “FYI: This is not an SNL sketch. This is a real person.”
This is what her speech shoud’ve been.
I don’t know if this guy does drag, but his drag act here was pretty good.
Mom, can I have Guilfoyle?
Mom: No, we already have Guilfoyle at home.
Guifoyle at home:
Is it me or is this more bearable than the acual speech?
A collection of Guilfoyle impersonations, including from animals. A drag queen impersonating Guilfoyle ends the video (2:00).
THE BEST part is at the beginning.
A low quality shit post; nevertheless, the similarities are striking.

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