Latin America is the new coronavirus epicenter

Saturday morning coffee for me was sad and more than a little gloomy. From Brazil to Mexico the region has become, almost over night, the new COVID-19 hot spot. Here is a snippet from the CNN article that I was reading this morning…

There are roughly 920,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and nearly 50,000 deaths across the region’s 33 countries, but those numbers are fast on the rise.

As new deaths and cases fall in the United States, Europe and Asia, Latin America now stands as the world’s sole region where the outbreak is unequivocally reaching new heights.

Matt Rivers, CNN

From inept and incompetent presidential leadership (yes I am looking at you Brazil) to crushing poverty and almost no real systems in place to help stave off an epidemic like this (Mexico) the death toll is going to sky rocket in the coming weeks and months. When I saw this photo in the article I almost looked past it because I thought it was an ad. They looked like tire tracks to me initially. I was looking for the Michelin or Goodyear tires logo when I realized what I was looking at. They weren’t tire tracks and this was no ad. They were mass empty graves that authorities have dug in preparation for and anticipation of the ensuing wave of casualties. 🙁

Hat tip for this blog from CNN via Microsoft News.