Lev Parnas spills the beans on The Rachel Maddow Show

Indicted political henchman, and Shrek look alike, Lev Parnas made his first television appearance and interview on The Rachel Maddow Show last show. Lev Parnas was arrested several weeks by the FBI and is now out on bail. He has decided to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and has recently turned over documents and text messages to Congress. Lev Parnas was partnered with Rudy G on handling key aspects of the Ukraine “drug deal” and has first hand knowledge of who knew what…when. Here is an excerpt of the interview that is sending shockwaves through this evolving story and the impeachment of The Donald.

Lev Parnas, “President Trump Knew Exactly What Was Going On.”

It’s becoming clearer by the day that The Donald’s denial of knowing anything about what Rudy G was working on in Ukraine is total bunk. I would highly recommend that you take in the full interview. It can be found over at MSNBC or YouTube. My biggest takeaway from this is clear: Not only did The Donald know what was going on but he was actively managing and pressing the whole fiasco right along side with Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo.