LGBTQ in the classroom

When it comes to bullying, sex education, and including LGBTQ+ people in those topics, Texas Republicans are still dragging their feet. Prior to high school (8th grade and under), sex education is optional, and if it is taught, only abstinence is given as a method in regards to birth control and STDs (rather than giving useful advice on safer sex; this doesn’t help TX as one of the states with the highest rate of teenage pregnancies!). However, since 1997, the first attempt to revise that is just now happening in 2020. While it’s likely that middle schoolers can optionally be taught more comprehensive sex education, anything pertaining to LGBTQ people, in regards to gender, biological sex and sexual orientation has been excluded so far.

Refusal to teach about these topics will just enable the bullying of LGBTQ+ people, who already have higher suicide rates and issues due to their discrimination. As someone who was a student in Texas, I can assure that these lack of topics certainly didn’t help me discover myself in the healthiest way possible; abundant with difficulties left to right. Meanwhile, Maryland is pending approval of a new curriculum that includes LGBTQ+ people, Americans with disabilities, and various topics in regards to the Civil Rights Movement. England is also to have all of their high schools teach a LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education.