Lock her up? Lock him up. Damn straight.

Remember when Michael Flynn was speaking at the Republican National Convention back in 2016 and the crowd broke out in chants of, “Lock her up”? Media outlets played that crap over and over again. It remember it turning my stomach every time I heard it. Remember when Trump would encourage and stoke that same chant? The hate and vitriol was palpable and conservative hard liners loved every minute of it. Her emails this and her emails that. I thought the press coverage was equally unfair and ultimately helped The Donald and his cronies sell the national narrative that Hillary was criminally corrupt. James Comey and the FBI didn’t help that perception either.

So here we are, three years later, and we finally heard (another) definitive legal conclusion that there was NO CRIMINAL INTENT OR WRONGDOING in the handling of classified information in her emails. There was no national security threat and there was no child sex ring being operated out of her house. Remember that one too? Lock HER up??? Fact: The Donald’s personal attorney Michael Cohen has been tried and convicted of felony fraud and campaign violations and is in jail today. Michael Flynn has been tried and convicted and is awaiting sentencing for his being a paid foreign agent while serving as National Security Advisor. There are a handful of other names who have been convicted of crimes, in the process of being tried, and we haven’t even got to Giuliani yet. Lock HER up? We know The Donald has been laundering money for Putin and his cronies. We know that The Donald (and his kids) have been personally profiting from their offices and positions in government. We know that The Donald’s foundation was a sham and a fake. We know he has divulged sensitive and classified information to governments that are hostile towards us and our allies. We also now know that Trump has enlisted the help of at least three countries to help him and hurt his opponents: Russia, Ukraine, and China. Lock HER up? Lock him up. Damn straight.

As I mentioned earlier this week, The Donald was shouted down and booed Sunday evening during Game 5 of the World Series in Washington, D.C. The crowd broke out in chants of, “Lock him up! Lock him up!” It warmed my heart and soothed some bitter memories for me as a Democrat and as someone who supported Hillary Clinton in her bid for Leader of the Free World. It wasn’t vengeance for me it was justice. Too little too late definitely but a just and right turning of the tide where more and more Americans are seeing how bad they got it wrong and just how much of a crook and sham the Trump presidency really is. I was shocked to see and read how many Democrats reacted and criticized those fans for chanting that. I’ve heard it said that it was a “low blow” or somehow beneath us to engage in such behavior. Poppycock. Let me put it plainer vernacular: Bullshit. If politicians in Congress, Democrat and Republican alike, had as much courage and outrage and clarity as those fans did last Sunday night during Game 5 we wouldn’t be in this mess. Lock HER up? That chant and sentiment was baseless and drummed up undeservedly. Lock HIM up!? Damn straight. Donald Trump is a mob boss, a glorified bag man for Putin and his cronies, and a Professional Charlatan. On top of all that, he’s a criminal. Albeit a white collared criminal but a criminal nonetheless. He is a corrupt President and deserves to be impeached and removed from office. I hope he faces some accountability for his financial crimes as a private citizen too.

Lock her up!? Bullshit. Lock him up!? Damn straight.