Love, Simon now considered rated 18+ in Hungary.

How could Love, Simon, an innocent PG rated movie be rated 18+ you ask? Look no further to Hungary’s hateful bigot government. Viktor Orban and his demented flock successfully passed a bill (157-1) that classifies anything remotely supportive of LGBTQ+, (content, education, media, etc.) no matter how subtle, illegal to anyone under 18 in a gross overreach. That means this mere Blue Clues episode could be considered 18+ content, or this girl doll (she has lesbian aunts in background story) be 18+.

The bill, passed in the name of conservative Christianity, will further promote toxic conservative values (heteronormality, sexism, discrimination, prejudice) and will gladly reinforce any negative narratives, stereotypes, or views against the LGBTQ+ community in any way possible. More so, the bill puts pedophilia in the same bucket as the LGBTQ+ community, as the bill is supposed to target pedophiles. Radical conservatives will use any excuse to oppress, and using children as that excuse is totally fine to them.