Make Your Toilet Great Again

So, in the news recently was “Trump Buddha Statues” manufactured by Chinese furniture and decorator, Hong Jinshi, who sold it via Taobao, an online Chinese store. Taobao’s most iconic products are cheap, Trump toilet brushes. You obviously can’t buy those specific ones, but there are similarly looking toilet brushes available everywhere, such as this one. The Trump toilet brush’s design is ingenious. Trump’s toupee is now a fluffy, hairy mess that excels at cleaning toilets. Too bad the real Trump doesn’t have nearly enough hair to scrub a toilet clean, though it could definitely serve as reusable toilet paper for Trump’s future prison inmates.

1 thought on “Make Your Toilet Great Again”

  1. O…M…G! I absolutely love this blog Ronan. LMFAO!!! Hahah. How appropriate for a shit head of a president and a shit show of an administration. Well done!

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