Mango’s Bar & Grill review

First of all, Mango’s is actually a rather large (and very nice) club. However, the time that I was here (2 times), it was just the “bar and grill” portion of it that operated. So, I’ll stick to revewing that aspect; perhaps I’ll review the clubbing aspect of it next time I’m in Sac. Since I came to Sac for my birthday on Februrary, I found that some locations and bartenders would give me some perks. Afterall, you only turn 21 once. The bartender that was behind the counter was cool enough to give me a birthday shot, a watermelon drink of some sort, and a variety of free beer samples, which was enough to get me drunk.

I was particularly interested in some very unordtohox beer flavors (Beauregard Blueberry & Lavender, Gummy Worms Pale Ale, and other strange beers whose names weren’t displayed). Their other drinks consisted of some finely blended margarita smoothies, including their “signature” mango margarita. The food here was also great, as they were made by scratch. At the time I had their tacos, and I have a faint memory of the price being reasonable, considering that this is a Bar/Club.

A TV displaying menu items. Here, it was page 1 of beers on tap.
Their tacos; cilantro, onion, lime and beef is both simple and delicious. This image came from their IG page (@mangossac)