Mayor Pete surges in Iowa

There was another Iowa poll released over the weekend and out and proud Mayor Pete Buttigieg took ever the 3-spot. Mayor Pete passed Bernie Sanders and joined Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden to form a new Big Three in the race for the Democratic nomination for President of the Untied States.

This poll has sent tremors through the political universe as Mayor Pete continues to surprise pundits and turn heads. Could it be that America is ready for a gay President? Stranger things have happened in politics, right? The bigger and more timely question is are Democrats ready to nominate a gay candidate?People may think this is fool’s gold but hey. If Republicans can nominate and vote for the most unqualified candidate of all time and then continue to support the most corrupt U.S. President in American history; Mayor Pete might not be as much of a long shot as we might have thought.

As a result of the new Iowa polling the Pete for America campaign released a new ad that will be blanketing the state of Iowa. Here is it: